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Wise Giving Wednesday – COVID-19 and U.S. Postal Issues Impacting Charity Fundraising

For many charities, the most important time of year for contributions is approaching: the holiday giving season during the last quarter.
Aug 26, 2020

Wise Giving Wednesday: Helping Iowa After the Derecho

As reported in Wise Giving Wednesday over the past several years, natural disasters usually get a media spotlight that help bring attention to the needs of the impacted population and the activities of charities engaged in relief efforts.
Aug 19, 2020

Wise Giving Wednesday: Donating for Relief Assistance in Beirut, Lebanon

Last week, the massive explosion that rocked Beirut, Lebanon resulted in more than 150 deaths, thousands injured and 300,000 homeless.
Aug 11, 2020

Wise Giving Wednesday: Tips on Reviewing Charity Websites

Our recent work on redesigning the website has also brought to mind the significant role that a charity’s website can play in helping donors make wise giving decisions.
Aug 05, 2020

Wise Giving Wednesday: New Features on Website

As previously announced last week, BBB Wise Giving Alliance launched a revised version of its website. In addition to the new design and focus on multiple users (donors, charities and media)
Jul 29, 2020

BBB Wise Giving Alliance Launches Revised Website

Six years ago, BBB Wise Giving Alliance released a revised design of its website. We are proud to introduce this new version of The new website reaches out to three separate audiences
Jul 28, 2020