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Building Trust Series, John Walker, SOAR365 video icon

As part of our Building Trust Video Series, Art Taylor speaks with John Walker of SOAR365. We discuss the organization's mission, goals, and challenges. Visit their website at and read our full report on the organization here,
Nov 04, 2020

Heart of Giving Rising Professionals, Part 1 You Tube video icon

Three rising professionals with inspirational careers, Sianni Cabello, Jayson Council, and Rachel Liu, join us to talk about why the art of giving is so important. Tune in to find out why they think you are never too young to start living a life of service.
Oct 29, 2020

Jamie Amelio, Caring For Cambodia video icon

As part of our Building Trust Video Series, Art Taylor spoke with Jamie Amelio, CEO of Caring for Cambodia. They spoke about the organization's missions, goals, and challenges during these difficult times. Read more about Caring for Cambodia in our report here,
Oct 28, 2020

Lynn O'Connor Vos, Muscular Dystrophy Association video icon

As part of our Building Trust Video Series, Art Taylor chats with Lynn O'Connor Vos, President and CEO, Muscular Dystrophy Association. In this brief interview, Art and Lynn discuss the mission of MDA and the return of the telethon!
Oct 21, 2020

Nancy Brown, American Heart Association video icon

Art Taylor speaks with Nancy Brown, CEO of the American Heart Association about the organization's mission and goals as part of our Building Trust Video series. Learn more about the American Heart Association in our full report here,
Oct 06, 2020

New Ways of Thinking About Impact Webinar video icon

With changing interpretations of charity “impact”, understanding how to best capture and communicate a charity’s impact can be tricky. Check out this informative webinar exploring contemporary ways of understanding “impact”, including why and how to include client feedback, building organizations for social impact, and thinking through the collateral or trickle effects of your charity’s program services.
Oct 05, 2020