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Helping Donors Give Wisely

BBB Wise Giving Alliance is committed to helping donors make wise giving decisions Visit the For Donors page to: Access evaluation reports that show if a charity meets the BBB Charity Standards, learn about wise giving and issues addressed by BBB Charity Standards and find out how BBB Wise Giving Alliance completes reports on charities.

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Image to representation for the Donors Section
Image to representation for the Donors Section
For Charities

Helping Charity Build Trust

BBB Wise Giving Alliance works with charities to strengthen donor trust in the charitable sector. Visit the For Charities page to: Learn about BBB Wise Giving Alliance's charity reporting activities (there is no charge for the BBB accountability assessment), find out about the details and implementation of the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability and see other resources and initiatives aimed at strengthening charity trust.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed how social and economic disparities can have urgent consequences, leaving those with fewer resources dangerously vulnerable.
In this week's episode, we will review the past year with our host, Art Taylor, to look for signals and trends that might give us an indication of what to expect in 2022.
BBB Wise Giving Alliance, the standards-based charity evaluator, has added two prominent individuals to its Board of Directors: Roger Craver and Karen. E. Osborne.
Earlier this month, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released its Biennial Report to Congress on the National Do Not Call Registry.
In this week's episode, we interview Pat Duffy, Co-founder, The Giving Block. The Giving Block is a platform that enables nonprofits to accept cryptocurrency donations and works directly with crypto companies and users to donate to their favorite causes. Pat shares his journey from the non-profit and consulting sector into crypto and talks about some of the trends that he’s been seeing.
To help contributors make wise giving decisions about charities that address needs facing veterans, military service members and/or their families, BBB Wise Giving Alliance offers the following advice.

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