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Wise Giving Wednesday: $300 IRS Tax Deduction

Recently, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service sent a reminder notice about tax deductions for charitable contributions made in 2020. Cash donations of up to $300 made this year will be deductible for individuals when they file their taxes in 2021 even if they don’t itemize on their tax returns.
Dec 02, 2020

Wise Giving Wednesday: Give Wisely on GivingTuesday

If there has ever been a year when charitable need was at its highest, 2020 surely rises to top. We also are aware that as we celebrate Thanksgiving, the heart of the holiday giving season has arrived.
Nov 25, 2020

Wise Giving Wednesday: Donor Reliance on Financial Ratios Drops

Last week, BBB Wise Giving Alliance released the latest edition of the Donor Trust Report. Since this is the third year we produce the report, this edition included a retrospective on trends observed in our surveys
Nov 18, 2020

Wise Giving Wednesday: Veterans Day Contributions

On Veterans Day we think of those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Some donors will choose to honor this day by contributing to charities that address a variety of issues and needs facing veterans, military service members and/or their families.
Nov 11, 2020

BBB’s Study Shows Importance of Trust Before Giving is Eroding

The importance that donors place on trust before they give to charity has eroded for each of the past three years according to new research from BBB’s
Nov 09, 2020

Wise Giving Wednesday: Tips on Donating for Typhoon Goni Relief in Philippines

While the U.S. has been focused on the election, nature has reminded us of needs in other parts of the world.
Nov 04, 2020