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Heart of Giving Podcast, Elvia Castro video icon

As the inspiration behind the BBB Donor Trust Report, Elvia Castro, Manager, Regional Charity Reporting at BBB Wise Giving Alliance, offers must-hear insights on how the powerful information this report provides benefits the public and charities at large. Tune in to learn more about the value of understanding donor attitudes as it relates to trust, and how it strengthens the bond between charities and donors.
Dec 22, 2020

Heart of Giving Al Lenhardt, Part 2 video icon

Ambassador Alfonso E. Lenhardt joins us for a second-round conversation. Hear Ambassador Lenhardt illustrates for us what it looks like to serve not only your community but to give of ourselves to transform the world.
Dec 21, 2020

Heart of Giving Al Lenhardt, Part 1 video icon

In the first of a two-part discussion, Ambassador Alfonso E. Lenhardt shares how his upbringing and relationship with his mother inspired him to live a life of service. Listen in to hear how a passion for giving can be sparked in childhood!
Dec 21, 2020

Heart of Giving Podcast, Give video icon

Elizabeth Mong AKA The CryptoWoman, Board Member, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, and Ezra Vazquez - D'Amico, Manager, at BBB Wise Giving Alliance joins us for an insightful conversation on blockchain technology and the platform. Listen in to find out how this platform allows charities and donors to connect in impactful and safe ways.
Dec 15, 2020

Heart of Giving Podcast Bennett Weiner, Part 2 video icon

Bennett Weiner, BBB Wise Giving Alliance's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer continues his conversation with us about charity accountability. Tune in to find out why only looking at charity finances doesn't provide you a complete picture of their activities and trustworthiness.
Dec 08, 2020

Heart of Giving Podcast Bennett Weiner, Part 1 video icon

Bennett Weiner, Chief Operating Officer of BBB Wise Giving Alliance, has spent much of his career helping donors make informed giving decisions. Listen in to the first of a two-part conversation where he shares knowledge and insight on how people can make impactful gifts!
Dec 01, 2020