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Heart of Giving, Andre Hughes video icon

Andre Hughes, Social Entrepreneur, Powered by Action has had an impactful and inspiring career in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. Listen in to discover how he came to start something focused on social good after spending much of his life helping corporations succeed.
Mar 16, 2021

Heart of Giving, Leslie Burrs, Part1 video icon

Composer, flutist, and Executive Director of Opera North Inc. Leslie Burrs joins us for the first of a two-part conversation. Listen in to learn about his inspiring career, hear some of his projects, and find out how he has made a conscious choice to use his music for social change and justice.
Mar 09, 2021

Heart of Giving, Dan Cardinali video icon

Dan Cardinali, president and CEO of Independent Sector, joins us to discuss the valuable work Independent Sector is doing and share his insights behind a memo he recently released. In this discussion on civil society, you won't want to miss his explanation about how the notions of inclusion and the common good can be powerful forces in overcoming political sectarianism.
Mar 02, 2021

Heart of Giving Podcast, Dr Cherise Hamblin video icon

Dr. Cherise Hamblin is the Founder of Patients R Waiting, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating health disparities by increasing diversity in medicine, and a full-time, board-certified OBGYN. She joins us for an important conversation about why “the work of increasing diversity in medicine is going to take multiple efforts from multiple vantage points.”
Feb 23, 2021

Heart of Giving, Caren Yanis video icon

Caren Yanis, principal of Croland Consulting, joins us for an engaging conversation about philanthropic advising and arts organizations. Listen in for her insights, and discover the impact she’s created throughout her career.
Feb 16, 2021

Heart of Giving, David Eisner of Convergence video icon

President and CEO of Convergence, David Eisner has lived a life of service. His passion and experiences have shaped efforts of community-building, coalition work, and civic engagement in the business, government, and nonprofit arenas. Listen in for his great insights!
Feb 09, 2021