March 15, 2017

Wise Giving Wednesday: Fundraising Photos

Several days ago, a CBS story reported that a couple in New York was arrested for allegedly using social media and other communications to defraud donors by raising money using a picture of a boy fighti..
March 8, 2017

Wise Giving Wednesday: International Women’s Day

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day which is a “global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.”  It has been observed since the early 1900s an..
March 1, 2017

Wise Giving Wednesday: And the Oscar® Goes To…Charity Ribbons

As a symbol of achievement in the movie industry and perhaps worldwide, the Oscars are probably one of the most recognized awards given out today. While there is no equivalent in philanthropy, it is int..
February 22, 2017

Wise Giving Wednesday: IRS “Dirty Dozen” List Includes Fake Charity Warning

For a number of years, the Internal Revenue Service has come out with its annual “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams to help people avoid schemes that may impact them during tax filing season. This year “fa..
February 15, 2017

Wise Giving Wednesday: Animal Charities & Classification

In high school biology, most of us learn about the taxonomy classification system, first introduced in the 18th century, that uses a ranking hierarchy to identify every creature on the earth starting wi..
February 8, 2017

Wise Giving Wednesday: Charities Fighting Poverty

Even though charity is quite broad in the scope of activities falling under its definition, when we hear the word “charity,” most of us first think of helping those in need.  At its core, that obje..
February 1, 2017

Wise Giving Wednesday: New Report on Wounded Warrior Project

Last year, we posted a blog about Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) explaining that, in the face of various public allegations and the departure of senior WWP executives, we had to reopen our evaluation on ..
January 25, 2017

Wise Giving Wednesday: Advocacy Organizations in the Spotlight

Whether it’s gun control, abortion, civil rights, environmental issues and other causes, some organizations engaged in advocacy issues are reporting a spike in contributions in recent weeks as reported ..
January 18, 2017

Wise Giving Wednesday: A Lesson from Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In looking back at the Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day we just celebrated on January 16th, I am reminded that we honor Dr. King not only in regards to his legacy on civil rights but also for his e..
January 11, 2017

Wise Giving Wednesday: Charity as a “Going Concern”

In the business world, there is a concept in accounting that is called “going concern” which assumes that a business entity will continue to exist in the future. This same concept applies to not-for-pro..