February 3, 2016

Wise Giving Wednesday: GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles

Since 1994, GuideStar has been most known for providing access to the annual federal financial forms filed by charities and other tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, the IRS Form 990.  A few weeks ..
February 1, 2016

BBB Warns Charities of Fake Check Scam

Arlington, VA – February 1, 2016 – BBB Wise Giving Alliance (BBB WGA) is warning charities nationwide to be on the alert for a fake-check overpayment scam.  An individual using the name “Kenneth Mc..
January 27, 2016

Wise Giving Wednesday: Charities and Data Privacy Day

January 28, 2016 is Data Privacy Day which commemorates the signing of Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection. Although this day has been..
January 20, 2016

Wise Giving Wednesday: BBB Charity Standards & The Charity Impact Issue

As charity impact continues to be a subject of significant interest, I thought it would be helpful to clarify our position on this. First, the subject of charity impact (also called results reporting) h..
January 13, 2016

Wise Giving Wednesday: New Charities & Accountability

As reported in The NonProfit Times, a shorter version of the IRS application form for charitable tax-exempt status (IRS Form 1023–EZ) was introduced in 2014 to help the IRS deal with a backlog of applic..
January 6, 2016

Wise Giving Wednesday: New Year’s Tips on Trustworthy Charities

Happy New Year! As this is the first week of 2016, it’s natural for everyone to think of resolutions to improve. As important as they are, I am not talking about diet and exercise, but about being bette..
December 30, 2015

Wise Giving Wednesday: The Clock is Ticking for Year End Giving

For those U.S. donors seeking to get a 2015 tax deduction for charitable gifts, the clock is ticking. By the time this blog is posted, there will be less than 48 hours left for this opportunity. Not sur..
December 23, 2015

Wise Giving Wednesday: Congress, Spending Bills & Charities

In the past week, Congress passed the spending bill (Consolidated Appropriations Bill, H.R. 2029) that pays for the Federal Government until next fall. What many don’t realize, however, is that this bil..
December 16, 2015

Wise Giving Wednesday: Microloans, Poverty and Charitable Giving

Today, as the U.S. Federal Reserve is set to announce the first interest rate hike in almost 10 years, many point to this as a sign of a healthy, growing economy. The implications of this change on lend..
December 9, 2015

Wise Giving Wednesday: Handling Complaints About Charities

Most of the activity on the Give.org website comes from individuals seeking to verify a charity’s trustworthiness before they make a donation. This is accomplished by reviewing our reports to see if the..