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Wise Giving Wednesday: Charities and the Weather

Jan 23, 2019

“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day.”  From The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.

As the Washington DC metropolitan area, and many other parts of the U.S. and Canada, experience bitterly cold weather, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to have a place to call home and to be able to spend time with our loved ones. When you think about it, the weather also has a dramatic effect on philanthropy. It brings attention to the homeless and other needy individuals who seek shelter from the ravages of winter but also have other unmet needs. In turn, the various relief efforts that take place in the wake of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and other natural disasters remind us of the vital role that charities provide and the immeasurable value a helping and comforting hand can mean to those who have lost so much.

In its own way, philanthropy helps us “weather the storm” and get through serious problems that would be difficult to face alone. We shouldn’t have to wait, however, for bad weather and natural disasters to motivate us to contribute to charities, but these events prompt us to action. Another factor could be the reminder that we are all vulnerable and given changed circumstances, many of us can see ourselves facing the cold winds.

There are other important lessons in this consideration on weather and charities. Specifically, you don’t have to wait until you receive the “ask” from the charity after the storm appears. If you have a cause that concerns you, take the time to find charities, at your own initiative, that you believe best addresses those issues and remember to visit to verify if each of the charities you support meets the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability.

So, as you consider your charitable choices, whether or not the sun is shining, whether or not it is too wet to play, you can make a difference, even today.

Video of the Week

As part of our Building Trust Video Series, we are pleased to provide a video featuring Brian Brewer, Director of Marketing and Communications, of the Cancer Research Institute (a BBB Accredited Charity) which funds research at academic centers around the world through fellowships, grants, and clinical trials focused on increasing the understanding of the immune system and with the goal of developing immunological methods for the prevention and treatment of cancer. CRI also provides information to the public about cancer immunotherapy and connects patients to immunotherapy clinical trials.

Recent Reports

We are always working with charities to publish or update reports for donors. Visit or local BBBs to check out any charity before giving. Our recently evaluated charities include:

Finally, remember to let us know by going to if you are  interested in seeing a report on a charity not on the list and we will do our best to produce one.

H. Art Taylor, President & CEO
BBB Wise Giving Alliance