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BBB Wise Giving Alliance Launches Revised Website

Jul 28, 2020

Six years ago, BBB Wise Giving Alliance released a revised design of its website. We are proud to introduce this new version of The new website reaches out to three separate audiences – the donating public, charities and media - with information and features designed to serve their distinct needs. Much of the content from the previous is included in this new version, but the website also includes new features and information. We will continue to expand the content with the dual goals of Helping Donors Give Wisely, and Helping Charities Build Trust.

As before, the charity report search function is prominently displayed on the homepage. Visitors are able to access reports on nationally-soliciting charities produced by BBB Wise Giving Alliance as well as reports on regionally-soliciting charities completed by Better Business Bureaus. The charity report search engine on has also been strengthened to enable users to select charities by state location and/or type of charity.

Our homepage now prominently announces our standards-based approach to charity evaluation that addresses four areas: governance, results reporting, finances and truthful and transparent communications. We also remind visitors there is no charge to charities for the accountability assessment and the resulting reports are freely accessible to all.

Examples of new content include a “Do’s and Don’ts in Fundraising Copy” page for charities and a “Tips on Reporting on Charities” for media visitors. Each of the three audience sections will evolve as additional pages are added to further address the specific needs of each audience.

We welcome your thoughts and recommendations about the new website. Email us at: