File a Charity Complaint

To file a complaint on a nationally soliciting charity, please fill out the form below. Be as specific as possible about the problem and the action you would like to see taken.

Complaints about local or regional charities should be filed with the BBB that serves that region.  You can find the regional BBB here.

If your complaint is about a for-profit business, you should submit your complaint on the BBB website.

BBB WGA will forward your complaint to the organization and request that appropriate action be taken. All issues will be reviewed and when appropriate included in our written reports on national organizations.

Consumer Information

Please note that although we allow anonymous complaints, we cannot reply to your inquiry if you do not provide us with your information. All personal information you provide will be handled in accordance with the BBB WGA Privacy Policy.

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Charity Information

Please be as specific as possible about the problem or complaint and the actions you would like the charity to take to resolve it.