Power of Trust: Why Disclosure Is Important

Disclosing financial, governance, marketing and fundraising information is the first step in the completely free process of becoming accredited by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance.

While not all charities that disclose are able to meet standards the first time, BBB WGA works with organizations to help address issues raised in our evaluation. In addition, disclosing information lets donors see which standards your charity does meet so that they can make informed giving decisions.

For the first time, BBB WGA is advising donors to avoid or be extremely cautious giving to nondisclosure charities (i.e. nationally soliciting charities that have not provided BBB WGA with any of the requested information). We want to work with organizations to make sure they are aware of our charity review process and if they do not meet our standards, make them aware of what changes could be made to strengthen their organization.

As a donor, learn what you can do about nondisclosure.