Collaboration Article Series


This series, produced in partnership with Stanford Social Innovation Review, calls on the social sector to embody a new and pioneering collaborative spirit based in trust so that it can reach broader audiences, share the risk involved in experimentation, and accomplish more than any single organization could do alone. 

The Collaboration Game: Solving the Puzzle of Nonprofit Partnership by Jacob Harold

Nonprofit collaboration is difficult; economics, game theory, and behavioral science offer lessons on how to do it well.


Barriers to Funder Collaboration and the Will to Overcome Them by Phil Buchanan

Foundation leaders know the social sector needs more and better collaboration for impact, but four barriers often get in the way.


Coming Together from a Place of Strength, Not Weakness by Carrie Fox

Nonprofits are facing increased pressure to develop new and more efficient ways to deliver on their missions. Thoughtful and unconventional collaborations can strengthen the bottom line of nonprofits while delivering added value to their communities.


Hacking Nonprofit Collaboration by Art Taylor

Nine considerations for nonprofits looking to maximize social impact through collaboration.



Building Real Collaboration into Your Organization by Pratichi Shah

How focusing on the three organizational pillars of culture, people, and leadership can help fuel meaningful collaboration.

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